Exceptional data analysis capabilities

Get the information you need: Choose from over 130 standard reports, add powerful and flexible filters, use the database analysis tools, or create your own reports.

Data everywhere, anytime, working in sync

Run Cunitec on premises or in the cloud using Windows, Mac, or Android. Look up animal history in your phone, or enter data in a tablet even without Internet.

Optimize data collection

Minimize data collection time by using bar codes or electronic identification onsite. Farms can remain autonomous, enter their own data, and fix errors in real time. Sync data automatically with the central office to share reports or for benchmarking with other farms in your system. Handwritten forms can be automatically aggregated to the database (OCR) in a few minutes.

Ready to get started?

You can try the all-new Cunitec free for 60 days ( Windows version) or you can purchase a commercial version of Cunitec and start to use it today. For any questions, please contact us.