New 2017 Dashboard

In the new 2017 version, we have added a new dashboard. When you first open your program, the home screen shows an overall view of the current farm status. In the main panel, each row shows the service periods with service results: number of services, females that drop from gestation by week, birthings, birthing rates, and litter data.

The orange cells show the number of females currently gestating by gestation day categories for each service period.

The cells under the gestation day columns show the number of gestating females, and the red bar is proportional to the number of females that dropped from gestation.

Too see the list of females served in a period, click any cell under the Services columns. The list of females is displayed in the bottom-right panel. Click the female ID to see the complete female history. To see a list of females that drop from gestation for a service period and gestation week, click any cell under the gestation area. This works in the same way for birthings and weanings.

The bottom-left panels show female status distributions:

The Entered panel shows the number of entered females by weeks from the entry event. Stacked bars display the number of heat detected females vs. not heat detected.

The Served panel shows the number of served females by weeks from service. Stacked bars display the number of females by service number.

The Lactating panel shows the number of lactating females by weeks from the birthing.

The Open panel shows the weaned and other non gestating females. Stacked bars display the weaned females vs other.

The pie chart shows the distribution of females by their status.

All these panels have the drill-down feature: Click any bar to see the list of underlying females.

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World Pork Expo 2016

Please visit our booth, 565 VI, at World Pork Expo, June 8-10, Des Moines, USA. Let us show you the 2017 preview version of Porcitec, with a new dashboard, new multi-farm capabilities, our unique Business Intelligence module, and benchmarking.
Enter treatments in a tablet, record events in a laptop at the farm, look up female histories in your phone, run any report without Internet. All devices automatically working in sync. Wherever you go or whatever you use, you have access to your data. Some software providers make you choose between Desktop applications or Web applications. Not Porcitec. Its enterprise-proven hybrid solutions give you the best of both worlds, expanding your options without added complexity. With Porcitec, farms can remain autonomous running native applications, while using the Internet to share data and reports with specific users. It it not necessary to upload data to our servers, you have full control of the entire process, having better confidentiality and reliability. All working in sync.

Porcitec Mobile

Native application for Windows10 smartphones and tablets. You can enter any usual event into a female record at the barn level or lookup histories, even without Internet. Data is synced automatically when a connection becomes available. Simply install an app from the app store.

Porcitec Web

Access your farm data from any device at anytime and anywhere. You want all control using the desktop Enterprise edition but at the same time you want the advantages of Online editon? Run reports or see female histories on all your devices, wherever you go throughout your day, using your phone, tablet, laptop, or any HTML5 Web browser. Access the data from anywhere, anytime.

New 2017 dashboards

Use the drill-down feature to go to from numbers to raw events. It shows a colored farrowing analysis and several charts with the current status of the sows.

Multi-farm features

Most reports are multi-farm. Farms can be compared side by side, consolidated, detailed, grouped (by region or any other criteria), all organized in sheets within the same report. See the multi-farm video or the figure below. Interactively you can include/exclude farms by clicking the right panel.

Unique multi-period feature allows you to run different periods within the same report. This example shows five different time periods in the same report. In the above figure, it shows the last 4 weeks by week, then summary columns for the last 4, 13, 52 and 104 weeks. These values can be customized in the Parameters screen.


Compare the key performance indicators of one farm against a group of farms. The group can be all farms in your production system or any sub-group of your databases. See more information.

Business Intelligence

The next figure shows the lifetime sow performance predicted by the first farrowing. It is a multi-dimensional analysis using the OLAP tool. Detailed info in the manual.


Create scripts to export, print, or import automatically. Useful for report delivery, importing from OCR,  populating custom Excel documents, and other tasks.

More features…

Please watch our videos to see advanced features of Porcitec.

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British Pig & Poultry Fair 2016

PigFocus Ltd, Porcitec distributor for the UK & Ireland, will be attending the British Pig & Poultry Fair, 10-11 MAY 2016, stand 73 Hall 2, in the UK.

The British Pig & Poultry Fair is the UK’s only dedicated pig and poultry industry event. We will be demonstrating Porcitec, our swine management software that  helps you optimize the performance of your farm and increase your productivity. Porcitec gives you decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting. Available for Web, Desktop, and Mobile platforms.

Also, we will introduce our exciting new product: Porcitec 2017 Preview, which has a powerful dashboard that pushes important performance indicators and has drill-down features. Just a quick glance and you know the current status of the entire farm.

Please visit our booth and allow us to show you our new swine management solution!

Photo 2016 edition:

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Agritec apps support Felixcan RFID readers

Agritec apps now supports Felixcan devices. The Felixcan Universal Reader II is a microchip compatible reader with rules ISO 11784/5 capable of reading technologies FDX-B & HDX.
You can use the device only for reading tags in combination with our app for smartphones or tablets, or you can use Felixcan also for entering data and subsequently importing it into your desktop application.
The microchip reader has been specifically designed to endure harsh farm conditions. Its wide display screen and ergonomic design ensures comfortable microchip reading, and the data introduction system allows efficient data entry in formats such as dates or text, or select data from a list.
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Porcitec in The Union of pig breeders of the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

José Luis Castillo, distributor of Porcitec in Mexico, made a presentation at the Union’s pig breeders of the state of Guanajuato, promoting the use and analysis of data from pigs with the help of Porcitec.

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We will be at AHDB Pork (U.K.), practical events, showing Porcitec 2015.


Half-day events with practical advice to achieve a marketable pig. Suitable for stock people and managers:

17 November  The Bridge, Walshford, Wetherby, North Yorkshire LS22 5HS
18 November  Beverley Racecourse, York Road, Beverley, North Humberside HU178QZ
25 November  The Granary, Heath Lane, Shenstone, Kidderminster, Worcs, DY104BS
1 December    Exeter Golf and Country Club, Topsham Road, Exeter, Devon EX27AE
2 December    Holiday Inn Winchester, Telegraph Way, Morn Hill, WinchesterSO21 1HZ
9 December    Diss Rugby Club, Bellrope Lane, Roydon, Diss, Norfolk IP22 5RG

All events will commence at 14:00 and conclude with hot refreshments no later than 18:00

More information at

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World Pork Expo 2015, USA

The new version of Porcitec 2015 will be presented at the World Pork Expo Jun 3-5, 2015, Varied Industries building booth VI 562, in Des Moines, Iowa.

The new 2015 version was released January 2015. This version comprises the largest rebuild since 2004. Please watch the feature videos and visit the new website.

You can see the main changes at

We have added lots of new and powerful features, like a dashboard and the OLAP tool for analytical analysis.  Now you can enter data or run reports on all your devices, wherever you go throughout your day, using your phone, tablet, laptop, or any Web browser.  Access your data from anywhere, anytime, working in sync. No software installation necessary.

New benchmarking reports allow you to compare the farms within your company production system.

Please visit our booth in the Varied Industries building and allow us to show you our exciting new swine management solution!

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BPEX Innovation Conference, UK

We will be at BPEX Innovation Conference 2015. BPEX Innovation Conference, a technical conference showcasing the latest innovation in feeding and data recording. It is suitable for owners and farm managers, vets and allied industry.

We will show the new Porcitec 2015.

Date: Wednesday 13 May
Location: Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2TL, UK

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New 2015 version

The new 2015 version will be released January 2015. This version comprises the largest rebuild since 2004. Significant changes with respect to the 2012 version are detailed below. Please read the section  Significant Changes which explains how some of these changes may affect you. Continue reading

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Porcitec at BPEX Regional Producer Events, UK

Our UK distributors Pig Focus Ltd  will be exhibiting at these meetings and will show the latest Porcitec 2015

Date                                                             Time      Venue

Tuesday 18 November 2014                        14:00     Diss Rugby Club, IP22 5RG

Wednesday 19 November 2014                 14:00     The Granary, Kidderminster, DY10 4BS

Tuesday 25 November 2014                        14:00     Wetherby Racecourse, LS22 5EJ

Monday 01 December 2014                         17:00     Exeter Rugby Club, EX2 7NN

Tuesday 02 December 2014                         17:00     Newbury Rugby Club, RG14 7RW

Mick Evans Tel: + 44 (0)1433 630523
Nick White Tel: + 44 (0)1543 472861
The Old Smithy, Pinfold Hill
Curbar, Hope Valley S32 3YL

UK & Ireland

PigFocus Ltd.
Mick Evans Tel: + 44 (0)1433 630523
Nick White Tel: + 44 (0)1543 472861
The Old Smithy, Pinfold Hill
Curbar, Hope Valley S32 3YL

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