Watch the videos below to learn how to use Cunitec.

(*) Videos were created for Porcitec but the Cunitec version provides the same functionality.


1. Overview

Overview and main menu for the mobile app.

2. Tasks

Use managing lists or create your own.


1. Main Menu

Overview and main menu.

2. Setting Up Your Farm

Set up your farm defining genetics, time intervals, etc.

3. Fast Event Entry

Using only the keyboard, Fast Event Entry is an ultra-optimized way to enter data.

4. Batch Event Entry

Electronic data sheet that works similar to a spreadsheet.

5. History Reports

Learn how to select a range of female cards or customize them.

6. Status Reports

Routine management and monitoring of your breeding herd.

7. Planning Reports

Create lists of females and action dates for tasks on the farm.

8. Service Reports

Monitor, compare, or analyze the service performance of a cohort of females.

9. Performance Analysis

Monitors and compare breeding herd performance by time periods, parity, or genetics.

10. Data Entry Tips

Increase your efficiency of data entry when working in Fast Event Entry.

11. Multi-period

The same report can be configured to show columns of different time periods.

12. OLAP

Real Business Intelligence tool. Analyze multidimensional data interactively from multiple perspectives.

13. Multi-Farm

Datamart Performance is a very powerful tool that allows you to analyze the herd performance data by several breakdowns such as periods, parity or genetics of hundreds of farms in a flash.

14. Extracting Data

Easily extract multiple-farm records to Excel from reports.

15. Report Designer

Do not limit yourself to simply customizing standard reports. With Porcitec, you can actually create any report.

16. Reusing Parameters

Create multiple versions of the same report by saving a variety of report parameter combinations.

17. Consultant Edition

The Consultant edition is a stand-alone read-only application that allows access to databases off-line.