What's new in 2017 version

Xavi Márquez 03/20/17
Enhancements in dashboards, smartphone apps, multi-farm analysis, task automation, Business Intelligence, saves you time and effort on everyday tasks regardless of farm type or size.
Enter treatments in a tablet, record events in a laptop at the farm, look up female histories in your phone, run any report without Internet. All devices automatically working in sync. Wherever you go or whatever you use, you have access to your data. Some software providers make you choose between Desktop applications or Web applications. Not Porcitec. Its enterprise-proven hybrid solutions give you the best of both worlds, expanding your options without added complexity. With Porcitec, farms can remain autonomous running native applications, while using the Internet to share data and reports with specific users. It it not necessary to upload data to our servers, you have full control of the entire process, having better confidentiality and reliability. All working in sync.

Porcitec Mobile

Native application for Windows 10 smartphones and tablets. You can enter any usual event into a female record at the barn level or lookup histories, even without Internet. Data is synced automatically when a connection becomes available. Simply install an app from the app store. Android version coming soon.

New 2017 dashboards

Use the drill-down feature to go to from numbers to raw events. It shows a colored birthing analysis and several charts with the current status of the sows.

Improved multi-farm features

Most reports are multi-farm. Farms can be compared side by side, consolidated, detailed, grouped (by region or any other criteria), all organized in sheets within the same report. See the

or the figure below. Interactively you can include/exclude farms by clicking the right panel.

Unique multi-period feature allows you to run different period types within the same report. This example shows five different time periods in the same report. In the above figure, it shows the last 4 weeks by week, then summary columns for the last 4, 13, 52 and 104 weeks. These values can be customized in the Parameters screen.


Compare the key performance indicators of one farm against a group of farms. The group can be all farms in your production system or any sub-group of your databases. See more information.

Business Intelligence

The next figure shows the lifetime sow performance predicted by the first farrowing. It is a multi-dimensional analysis using the OLAP tool. Detailed info in the manual.


Create scripts to export, print, or import automatically. Useful for report delivery, importing from OCR,  populating custom Excel documents, and other tasks.

Register Multiple Progeny

The Register multiple progeny event identifies each individual offspring of an entire or partial litter after the birthing. It is similar to the Register progeny event but optimized for multiple animals of the litter. In a few steps, you can identify and add all animals of a litter to the database, assigning the Id, sex, register Id, and weight to each animal. Among other purposes, this feature is very useful when you need to record individual data that is required by some genetic companies.

Other improvements in 2017 version:

  • Weekly Management report: This is a Multi-period Performance Analysis report. The report shows five different time periods in the same report. By default, it shows the last 4 weeks by week, then summary columns for the last 4, 13, 52 and 104 weeks. These values can be customized in the Parameters screen.
  • Animal Purchases report (only Vaquitec)
  • Animal Sales report (only Vaquitec)
  • Data Query Builder in List report designer.
  • Whole database report.
  • New Heat Not Served variables for reporting and data analysis.
  • 16 user fields more in Animals, useful for BLUP genetics analysis.
  • Removal Price at removal event.
  • More stage categories.
  • Feed Type in Ingredients codification.
  • Vulvar Discharge in Pregnancy Diagnosis event.
  • Intravaginal as new application for treatments.
  • Specific targets for each database in Options > Targets.
  • Collection ID and Expected Dose as new  fields in Collection Semen event.
  • Treatment Type in Treatment codification (hormone, vaccination, medication, ...)
  • Euthanized row in Performance Analysis report. Deaths and mortality rows include died + euthanized.
  • Pregnancy Losses report.
  • Group mortality report.
  • Report designer: New 2D barcodes - PDF417, DataMatrix and QR-code.
  • Report designer: Memo object can have several highlight conditions(frame, font, fill and an object visibility. You may turn on and off each setting.
  • Batch and Fast Event Entry allow to enter directly records by ID, location, register ID and EID.
  • Prewean deaths by birthing cohort report.
  • Action list charts report.
  • Breeding Target Chart report.
  • Event Data Entry support Animal mode. It includes individual, breeding females and breeding males.
  • Location Control report.
  • Feed Purchases report.
  • Hierarchical Detail Group report.
  • First Medication by Entry Document report.
  • Topical and Rectum as application for treatments.
  • Individual tabs for each event in Event Batch Entry.
  • Date boxes accept days. For example "-3" sets the current date  (or entered date if not empty) minus 3 days. It support days, weeks and months. For example 3w or 5m.
  • Right click in Back button shows the navigation history.
  • Paste feature in Batch Event Entry.
  • Copy Column to Clipboard in Batch Event Entry.
  • Weight at birthing supports * operator to use average weight x liveborn.
  • Batch Event Entry shows in different color events pending to be processed according the main reason.
  • Last weight and weight gain in Weight Control report.
  • Begin Date in Treatment Scheduler.
  • Reminder event.
  • Animals Due for Treatment report includes Reminders.
  • Change Location report.

Backward compatibility issues

  • Account categories have been rebuilt. Please go to Options / Accounts and re-assign the account category to the appropriate one.
  • Group data model has been remodeled. Please go to Group file > Status and arrange stage, location and Cost Center if it is required.