Lifetime sow performance predicted by the first farrowing

Xavi Márquez 03/03/17

A recent published study looked for a correlation between the number of pigs born alive to parity one females and their subsequent lifetime and reproductive performance on commercial farms in southern Europe (Ilida, Piñeiro and Koketsu, 2015). The study results show an existing sub-population of sows in the farms that will usually perform better than their peers, and this sub-population can be identified at the first farrowing.

This tutorial shows how we can replicate a part of this study using Porcitec’s sow data analytical tool, OLAP. Online analytical processing, or OLAP, is an approach to answering multi-dimensional analytical queries swiftly, and is part of a broader category of business intelligence tools. This is an advanced and relatively complex of the analytical tools of Porcitec.