Feed by animal and day

Xavi Márquez 04/10/18

Individual feed consumption can be recorded for each day and female. You can enter the data directly into Porcitec as usual, or you may want to import from Excel or from automatic feeding systems, like Nedap Velos, Skiold, Schauer and others.

The new 9.4 version of Porcitec includes some new reports for individual feed consumption data. An example is the crosstab report shown below. The columns display the animal IDs and the rows show the date. The cell shows the feed consumed by each animal per date. In red color, you can easily see the females with a high consumption.

As with most other reports, you can modify this report. For example, let's show the feed consumption using a color gradient.

  1. Right click and select Properties
  2. Select the Data Marker sheet and add edit the rule
  3. Select Highlight all cells dependent on value and change the colors according to your preferences

The new report will display as: