World Pork Expo 2018

Xavi Márquez 05/31/18

Please visit our booth, 678 VI, at World Pork Expo, June 6-8, Des Moines, USA. Let us show you the new Porcitec Mobile app for Android devices, and the 2019 preview version of Porcitec.
New features include:

  • PICTraq web services
  • DanBred web services
  • Android support
  • Skiold EFS support
  • Chainway C4050 device support with RFID and QR integrated readers
  • Improvements in many reports
  • Better support for command line to automatize tasks like report delivery

See for the Android app.

Android app (2 min)

What can I do with Porcitec Mobile? (4 min)