What's new in 2019 version

Xavi Márquez 09/16/19

In the new 2019 version, we have focused on the integration between our new mobile app and desktop app.  For most customers the Online edition is necessary to use the mobile app. We have also been working on the Web platform so you can run web reports, farm comparisons, female history cards, etc. from anywhere, anytime using any web browser.

New features in 2019 include:

  • Android device support
  • Web reporting
  • Web dashboards
  • Chainway C4050 device support with RFID and QR integrated readers
  • Zebra and CipherLabs devices support with QR integrated readers
  • Improvements in many reports
  • Better support for command line to automatize tasks like report delivery
  • Skiold EFS support
  • PICTraq web services
  • DanBred web services

See https://www.agritecsoft.com for new videos and new information.

Android app video (2 min)

What can I do with Porcitec Mobile? (4 min)

Other improvements:

  • AIR300 RFID reader support
  • Semen Entry and Semen Remove events
  • Feed by animal and date report
  • Animal Feed report
  • LitterID from 10 digits to 16
  • History Card report with QR Code
  • Gestating and lactating inventories in Performance Analysis
  • Individual animal section in Whole Database Analysis report
  • Dedicated feed sheet with list and chart in Animal file
  • AltID (alternative ID) field in files
  • Premises in filters of most of reports
  • Open Faunatec Server option in Support menu
  • Check Communication option in Support menu
  • Nedap Velos ver 5.1 support
  • Nurse On and Nurse Off female numbers in Performance Analysis report
  • MGranSire, MGrandDam, PGranSire, PGrandDam in Animal tables
  • Static Group Performance by End Date report
  • Minor features