What's new in 2021 version

Xavi Márquez 06/07/21

In the new 2021 version, our focus is on precision farming, adapting the latest technology to improve the mobile device user experience, and enhancing integration with external systems.

Precision farming

With the new integrations to Electronic Feeding Systems, such as Nedap, Schauer, Weda, Skiold, and other devices, Porcitec can update the machine databases and share information almost in real time.

As an example, Porcitec can automatically update the daily feed consumed, or weekly body weight, of each sow. Relating this data to production data can help you make decisions about the best time to inseminate a gilt, or track litter performance according to feed intake.

Power BI

Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence tool developed by Microsoft that integrates your data sources into visually immersive dashboards, charts and reports on the web. Your production data can be automatically updated in just one click. Create your own custom dashboards, set alarms, see trends, and link your financial data with production data.


Web API is an application programming interface for the Web that helps to exchange information on the internet from multiple sources and when using multiple different devices. For example, you can link your Porcitec data with your ERP, business management or financial software, Power BI, and other systems.

Mobile app

The mobile app has been improved to electronically capture data from QR codes, RFID and other systems. You can fill many event forms in the mobile app without using any key strokes. For example, you can fill a complete treatment event form by simply scanning one QR code. Improvements have been made in Bluetooth to capture weights and any other data. Group management has been added to the mobile app for growing and finishing pigs.

Highlight feature in mobile app

The Highlight feature allows you to define any rule to show alerts, warnings, or messages in the mobile app. Examples:

  • Show a red bar and a message when recording a mating to an aborted or multiple repeat female.
  • Show the current pre-weaned inventory in the weaning event.
  • Beep, vibrate, and show an error when recording a removal event to an animal if the drug withdrawal period has not passed.

Improved integration with genetics companies

Porcitec is integrated with several genetics companies: DanBred, PIC, Topics, DNA Genetics, and soon with Hypor. The data flows in both directions. Porcitec updates the genetics house database, and genetics house sends to Porcitec data such as the index of each animal, including piglets, and other data that can be used in Porcitec reports or in mobile warnings. For example, you can configure the mobile app to show a warning if you record a mating to a sow if her genetics index is under a specified value.

Package reports

Run in one click a series of related reports specialized to one area of production. For example, if you suspect a fertility issue, you can quickly get a pre-defined set of reports related to service performance.

Enhanced user experience in data entry

Customize event and field names, validations, and user fields. Define pre-coded user lists in user fields, drag values in data entry. Reorder the field position, delete or add custom fields.

Farm Closures

Farm Closures allows farms to create a monthly snapshot of main farm indicators, useful in multi-farm systems. This document can be printed and signed and used to compensate farm employees for production targets. This snapshot document is immutable. Any modifications that affect past periods are displayed in the next snapshots. These documents are exposed via Web API and can easily be integrated into the business management software of the main company.

User management

Improvements have been made in user management. Now it supports block assignments. You can assign access to multiple farms to a group of several users.

See https://www.agritecsoft.com for new videos and new information.

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