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Presales questions


hmtoggle_plus1How do I buy the application?

You can purchase Cunitec from any country in the world.  After purchasing Cunitec from the web site, Agritec will send you an e-mail with a message confirming your purchase, and a link to the web site where you will have a personal account to download your commercial program version and to receive technical support.

Click PRICING on the Agritec Web Site to purchase software or to see the prices.

Agritec recommends that you pay by credit card when possible because no fees are charged to you, and it is the quickest way to obtain your new software program. When you pay with a credit card, we use the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is certified by the banking institution worldwide to ensure your security when paying online.

Please note your payment is received in Europe, and some credit cards issued in other countries may not be approved for international transactions. If your credit card is rejected, contact your credit card company to resolve this issue, or select any other payment method in the order form.

hmtoggle_plus1Is there an annual subscription or can I pay once?

Depending on the size of your herd, you may have the option to purchase the program at a one-time cost (plus optional Annual Software Maintenance), or you may pay each year as a rental subscription. Professional and Studio edition are pay once. Enterprise, Online and Consultant edition are a recurring annual payment. Features and options in each edition can differ, see Feature matrix.

Pay Once option includes a perpetual license and one year of technical support and updates. You have the option to extend this period by renewing the Annual Software Maintenance annually, usually 10% of your purchase price, which entitles you to software updates at any time free of charge.

For larger farms or farms requiring more features, Agritec recommends the Enterprise or Online editions (annual subscription) to provide you with continuous support and program updates, as well as all available features and access to developing versions.

hmtoggle_plus1Online or Desktop deployment in multi-farm companies?

Configuration for multiple-farm companies has 3 options:

Distributed: Each farm has a full desktop license to enter data into their own computer and run reports.
Centralized: All databases and a full desktop license are installed in the central office computer.
Online: All databases and apps are in the Agritec server.

Please see Online or Desktop deployment in multi-farm companies?

hmtoggle_plus1Which edition do I need?

If you are a very small farm, looking to replace the pencil and paper, Express edition could be your solution. It is free.

If you are a small farm, and need only breeding herd reports, Professional edition may be your solution. If in addition, you want to modify and create your own reports, use a handheld computer, or want to enter growing and financial data then Studio edition may be your best choice.

The Enterprise and Online editions have been designed to satisfy the needs of all users: small to large, producers, consultants, and bureaus, in a single user, network environment or online.

Please see Which version do I need? and Feature matrix


hmtoggle_plus1How long will it take for me to receive the program?

Once you have ordered:

If you pay by credit card, within a few minutes you will receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions to download the software form your Agritec Account.
If you pay by bank transfer or wire, between 2 and 4 business days.
If you pay by Western Union, 2 business days.
If you pay by check, when it is received by the Agritec office.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I install Cunitec in a PC without an Internet connection?

Yes, the software application can be downloaded from any computer connected to the Internet. The easiest method is to copy the downloaded file directly onto a USB memory stick or onto a CD. Then you can copy the program files into the destination computer and install the program.

hmtoggle_plus1Can I convert my old database?

Yes, Agritec can quickly convert your database from most existing programs on the market today. You simply upload your database to our web server. This process is free after purchasing the software. There is virtually no data loss. See Converting the database for more information.


If your database is from a custom system and Agritec does not have the corresponding conversion filter, you can use Microsoft Excel as a bridge between your application and Cunitec. Using MS Excel, you can import data from most common formats: DBase, Xml, text, Access, etc. Once you have read the data using MS Excel, you must rearrange the columns and format according to the Cunitec filter specification.


hmtoggle_plus1Can I export the database to another application?

Agritec data can be exported to any other format since the variables and tables are documented. See http://agritecsoft.com/kb/en/cun/2057.htm

The database is open and public. You can use Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel to access the Cunitec database and extract all information that the new application needs (matings, treatments, etc.). All events and all data are available to be extracted.

From Access or Excel, you can arrange the information according to the receiving application requirements.


Please see How to retrieve data directly from MS Excel 2010 and Extracting data using MS Access.


Another way to create a list of raw data is using the Event List report. Open the Event List report, under Breeding Lists menu, and then click Export to Excel. You will get a list of all events for each female. This data can be processed for the receiving application to fill the new database.


hmtoggle_plus1I have more than one farm. How many licenses do I need?


Desktop applications


The software is licensed per farm database site. In other words, if you manage all farm databases in one server or computer, then you need only one license for the total number of breeding females in all herds. The number of users connected to the database files via network is unlimited.

If you want to install Cunitec in isolated farms, not connected to your network, then you will need additional Enterprise or Consultant licenses for each farm.


3000 sows in 3 farms. 2x1000 farms are managed from the main office using 3 PCs connected to the Local Area Network. Remaining farm want to be autonomous and want to install Cunitec in their premises.

In this case, you need to purchase Cunitec Enterprise for 2000 females, plus  Cunitec Enterprise for 1000 females, plus  Cunitec Consultant if you want to get consolidated results for all farms.


Online application


In this case, the database is located in our Agritec secure servers and can be accessed from any device using your login and password. You need only one license for the total number of breeding females in all herds.

It includes one user. You can share this user by accessing at different times, or you can purchase additional user licenses.

hmtoggle_plus1Why would I want to pay the annual maintenance?

Free updates

Subscribers can update to the latest version of their program free of charge at any time. Periodically we release new versions with improved features that we have added based on our users’ requests and feedback. You will automatically stay up-to-date with this continually evolving program.

Important to note: If you allow your annual software maintenance to expire, and you want an upgrade or new version released in the future, you will be required to pay the full software price.


Technical Support

With your subscription you will receive unlimited technical support to answer your questions and help you solve any problems.


hmtoggle_plus1Does Cunitec work using Android or Mac?

Only the Online version.

Cunitec Online runs in the Cloud. You can access the full power of Cunitec Desktop from the Internet using iOS, Mac OS X, and Android devices.


hmtoggle_plus1If I need to format my hard disk or buy a new computer, will I have to pay for the desktop program again?

No, you only have to reinstall the program and then restore your backup copy of your database. The downloaded program from the Agritec Web is a normal executable file. This file can be copied to any format such as a memory stick, CD or DVD. You can install the program as many times as necessary, as long as you comply with the conditions of the license.

hmtoggle_plus1Does Cunitec include an accounting module?

Cunitec includes a cost module so you can get some basic information about income, expenses, and production costs, but it does not pretend to replace bookkeeping or accounting software.

Please see ERP integration.

hmtoggle_plus1Will I lose my demo/express data if I purchase the commercial version?

No. At any time you can upgrade from the Express edition to the commercial version preserving any data you have entered to date. If you are using the Express version, your database will be fully updated to the commercial version.



Mobile questions


hmtoggle_plus1Which mobile device should we use?

Cunitec Mobile does not support phones and smartphones based on Android or iPhone. The only devices supported are based on Windows 10 and Windows Pocket PC operating system. Please talk to your hardware provider.


Necessary Hardware for Windows 10:

No special requirements are needed.


Necessary Hardware for Pocket PC:

Operating System: Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows Mobile 6.

Operating System recommended: Windows Mobile 6 or higher.

RAM: Minimum 64MB

Some recommended Pocket PC models:

Psion WorkAbout. Web http://www.psion.com

BM-170. Web http://www.mypidion.com


hmtoggle_plus1Do you provide the handheld computer?

No, Agritec does not provide the hardware for its software products. Please contact a hardware distributor for information on current handheld computer models.

hmtoggle_plus1Do you provide electronic tags?

No, Agritec does not provide the hardware for its software products. Please contact an electronic tag distributor.

hmtoggle_plus1Can I work with my iPad?

Cunitec Online uses Remote Desktop Protocol, compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices. While Cunitec Online can work in an iPad, it was designed for devices with keyboard, so the user experience will not be as satisfactory as an app designed specifically for touch screen. Cunitec Mobile is an app designed for touch screens but Windows 10 based.