Farm Snapshot

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This report shows some key performance indicators of one farm against a group of farms. This group can be all farms in a production system or any group of databases.


Donut meter: This shows the Percentile Rank of the measure for the report period.  For example, a farrowing rate that is greater than or equal to 75% of the farrowing rates of the farms in the group is said to be at the 75th percentile rank. This rank is displayed as a circular chart and also with a large number in the middle of the chart. The real value is displayed under the percentile rank number.


Bar chart: This shows the evolution of the measure over time. The red line is a linear regression that shows the trend of the measure.

Farms above: Number of farms in the group above the analyzed farm for the related measure. 0 means that the farm is the top of all farms.

Target: Target defined by the user.

Top 10%: Measure indicating the value above which 10% of the top farms fall.

Average: Average measure of the analyzed group of farms.

Indicator: Shows red if the farm falls in the bottom 30% of farms, yellow between 30 and 70%, and green if in the top 30% farms.

Trend: An arrow shows the trend of the evolution. It is green if the measure improves, red if worsens.




[See the PDF report version]