"We had been using the same DOS breeding herd software for 20+ years and with over 40,000 sows making a software change was a daunting task.  Initially we looked at every available breeding herd software for its ability to convert our current database, ease of data entry, routine reporting, data mining, customability and cost per sow.  We also do numerous on farm research trials for ourselves, staff veterinarian, consulting veterinarians, nutritionist and genetic company, so we needed software that we could record information & know that it could be easily retrieved at a later date.  We narrowed our choices & for 18 months we did extensive evaluating of each software that had the potential to fit our needs.

In the end Porcitec was the only software that could completely convert our current databases without data loss, allow us to customize data entry and reports for each farm, follows NPB standards & also gave us a substantial cost savings per sow.  At first we were concerned about trying software with a company that was not USA based, but after trying the free demo we were impressed at the quality of the program.  Even during our evaluation of the Porcitec software they responded to the requests & suggestions we made.  This was very important to us & something we had never gotten from our current software vendor.

Porcitec’s technical & customer support is tremendous.  Questions are resolved promptly, suggestions are responded to quickly and software upgrades are effective."

Elaine Triemert
Breeding herd software coordinator
Holden Farms, Inc.
Northfield, MN, USA


"With 40,000 sows, we needed close collaboration between the two companies, maintaining fluid and regular contact. Agritec has responded to all our expectations. Additionally, the Porcitec application is simple to use and very flexible."


IT and Cattle Contracts Manager
Agropecuaria de Guissona
Lleida, Spain


"I would like to say thanks for your excellent customer support.  Even though we are on the other side of the world, you are always quick to respond to our emails anytime we are having issues, often taking control remotely and fixing the issue yourself.  This support has been invaluable during our implementation and reassures us that we made the right decision is switching software."


Brad Eichelberger
Eichelberger Farms, Inc.
Wayland, USA
(12,500 sows)


“I have found no barriers due to the fact that Porcitec is in Europe and we are in Minnesota. Agritec has given us the best technical support that we could ask for. They have helped us modify reports as well as design custom reports for us. It is always timely and accurate. We are extremely happy with Porcitec and the customer service that they provide us. We have not found any limitations with the program”

Lois Fransen
Information Bureau Director
Pipestone Veterinary Clinic
Minnesota, USA
(200,000 sows)


"In this industry its all about controlling costs in order to compete. We looked at every software solution imaginable for on-farm data collection, sow record keeping, analysis, and reporting. We conducted a thorough evaluation and extensive testing of each. Porcitec was the only software that could handle 75,000 sows cost effectively, yet give us a truly powerful database with customized reporting capability. Even during the evaluation process Agritec provided real solutions to meet our needs instead of promising but never delivering like the big names out there. Porcitec is very intuitive, user friendly, and inexpensive, but very powerful. The total cost of ownership with Agritec was far superior to anything else. We realized a huge savings. Porcitec gave us competitive advantage in the industry and over our sister companies.

Agritec provides unparalleled support. Trouble reports were resolved in a very timely manner; software change requests were implemented promptly; and suggestions were welcomed enthusiastically. If you want to make better informed decisions, reduce your costs, and increase production you should be using Porcitec."

Scott Macdonald
Information Technology Director
A large agricultural enterprise
Utah, USA


"I do believe that you have the best software product on the market for this industry. With the new technology that we are using on our farms, I don't know where I would be if I didn't have Porcitec and your team backing up my constant questions and requests. You are fast to act and that is invaluable to me."


Kim Stix
Stockdale Family of Farms
Production Information Systems Manager
Omaha, USA
(6000 sows and automatic feed systems)


"Since about January of 2003 we began a business relationship with Porcitec, managing 8 farms. I can't say enough about there service they are so open to ideas and suggestions. According to the past experiences with Agritec, I beileve that they will be the leading company in Swine management software. This program does it all: expenses, growth rates and of course sow and boar management. Agritec keep up the good work and we are happy to be doing business with you"

Mark Lanouette
Alberta Feed
Technical Service Rep
Box 27,Site 1, RR 1
Red Deer, AB
T4N 5E1
Cell # (403)358-8820


"We migrated 10,000 sows from our PigChamp DOS to Porcitec in one day. In the next day we were entering data and getting the same reports."

Miguel Mireles Flores
System Deparment
Sanfandila, SA de CV


"I have been using Porcitec since 8/31/2002. At first I was apprehensive about doing business with a company overseas but was intrigued enough by the free demo version to try it. Since I purchased Porcitec I have been pleased with the quality of the program. The most impressive aspect though has been the technical/customer support. Agritec Software has been very prompt and polite in providing solutions to questions or problems. They have been very receptive to any suggestions and ideas which may help improve their product, even developing and incorporating several reports which I specifically requested.

I am very satisfied with my choice to use Porcitec as my swine production record keeping program."


"It is now 3/10/07. I was impressed with Agritec then and that perception has not changed in almost 4.5 years, it has been reinforced. Agritec is a high quality, high integrity company. I wish everyone I had to deal with in agriculture had the same integrity and character."

Jim Kempen
Kempen Swine Enterprises
Wisconsin, USA


"I started using Porcitec in January 2003, and the more I’m using it the more I’m finding out what I have been missing for 20 years being with hogs. First I’m finding out it gives me a in depth look in my spending and it makes me a better hog manager and also the help I’m getting from the Porcitec people and it makes me very proud to be part of a swine program that's being built on ideas that come from producers and are welcomed by people who listen. I’m finding out if a person wants to raise hogs this is the only program a person is ever going to need, I recommend this awesome and high-tech program to anyone in the swine industry you'll never regret it."

Paul R Stahl
Smoky lake Colony
Alberta -Canada
Fax 780 665 7284
Ph 780 656 0625


"The Porcitec software has been very easy to use. The support from Agritec is phenomenal! Answers to any of my questions were taken care of usually within 24 hours. I requested a change to a report - and they had it completed within a few weeks. I would recommend this program and company to anyone. It has helped us improve the management of our farrow-to-finish operation tremendously."

Sleepy Hollow Farms Ltd.
Alfred & Joan McRae
Ontario, Canada


"I always try to keep one step ahead. With Porcitec you can use microchips for electronic identification, this saves time and reduce errors. It is a user-friendly software and at the same time tremendously sophisticated"

Agustí Vilanova
Vilanova i Fill SL
Caldes de Montbui
Barcelona, Spain


"I'm enthusiastic about Porcitec because I can create any imaginable report. The technical support is truly fast"

Ernesto Jaramillo
Porcícola San Pascual


"We were looking for a Windows based swine record keeping software that would be able to meet the North American hog production industry. This included Breeding Herd Management, NGF Management, Financial Management, Health Management, Feed Management and Reports which could be customized to suit individual farm. We were also looking for a software that could be used in a handheld computer for Event Entries while in the barns. We found that Porcitec was our answer. Porcitec has a very user-friendly interface, is easy to use and understand. The data entry is effortless. The database from other swine record keeping software can easily be transferred into Porcitec. The most important part of Porcitec is that the user needs to enter data only ONCE to get production reports, financial reports, drug usage reports and feed reports.

We also needed the software to conform to NPB standards, which Porcitec does. Many veterinarians, who we work with, have indicated that the reports are excellent and that it is easier to make a more accurate assessment regarding production in our barns. Thank-you Agritec Software for creating Porcitec."

Ed Friesen
Regional Manager
Friesen Livestock Ltd.
Alberta, Canada
Friesen Nutrition, Inc.
Montana, USA


"So far I've been very impressed with your program. Thank you for the perfect report. Your company is on top of everything, and is quick to reply. I'll recommend Agritec to any other producer looking for software."

Justin DeVries
Lekkerland Pork & Bean
Alberta - Canada


"I had been using other software to manage my herd but was not very satisfied with it due to its high annual price. When I downloaded Porcitec Free, I was surprised by its features. Agritec imported all my animals to Porcitec from my old software. I am very pleased with the decision I made to purchase Porcitec."

John Elan
Blue farm
Iowa, USA


"I started using Porcitec since 2001. I'm truly satisfied with the prompt and friendly technical support. The program is very user friendly. You can even produce reports written in your own language (in my case Chinese). You do not have to change your farm management practice in order to use Porcitec. The program is shaped according your farm recording needs."

Tan Keng Hwee & Sons Sdn. Bhd
Malaysia - ASIA


"With 2000 sows I have specific needs. Agritec added my suggestions in a few weeks."

Ramon Vilajosana
Pinallet SA
Cardona - España


"We have used Porcitec software to do the physical recordkeeping of our 125 sow farrow to finish hog barn for a full year and are very pleased, we find it very versatile, reasonable priced and user friendly. The technical support we got to convert our old Pigchamp data into the new Porcitec program from their technician Laura Roca was great."

John DeVries
Alberta - Canada


"Porcitec allows me to have tools according to my necessities that facilitate the necessary information to make decisions and monitor in a precise way all areas of my farm"

Luis Enrique Casillas
Porcicola Ganadera La Manga
Jalisco - México


"In Porcitec I have found an intuitive, agile and flexible software"

Raúl Panillo
Agropecuaria Panillo Beltrán SL
Fabara - España


"Until now I'm very satisfied with the program and its technical support. In my farm, Porcitec made many taks easier."

Michael Soegaard
Den Glade Gris