Faunatec Mobile Privacy Statement

This privacy statement governs the Faunatec Mobile (the “App”). It does not apply to other online or offline Agritec Software sites, products, or services. Other privacy policies may also apply to information you process through the App, such as the policy of the organization through which you access Agritec Software services.

Processing Your Information On Behalf of Our Customer

The App enables you to access your Faunatec instance from your PC, tablet and phone device. In order to provide this service, the App processes information, such as your credentials and the data you process in Faunatec. The App is provided for use only by end users of Agritec Software customers who are authorized users of Agritec Software services. The App processes your information on behalf of the applicable Agritec Software customer, and we may disclose information processed by the App at the direction of the organization that provides you access to the services. Agritec Software does not use information you process via the App for any other purpose.

How to Contact Us

Agritec Software welcomes your comments. If you have questions about Agritec Software’s privacy and security commitments, or if you have other technical or customer support questions, please contact Agritec Software at http://agritecsoft.com/helpdesk/