Best farms in the world use Porcitec. Now it is your turn.

Collect, analyze, decide. On the Cloud or on your premises. Swine management like never before.

What is Porcitec

Porcitec is a swine management software that will help you optimize the performance of your farm and increase your productivity.

  • Decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting.
  • Breeding, semen, males, individual records, growing, feed management, financial, medical, ...
  • Available for Web, Desktop, and Mobile platforms. All working in sync.
  • Store your databases on your premises or in the Cloud.
But that's just scratching the surface. Here's what else Porcitec is...

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Leading pork companies in the world transform their business with Porcitec

Managing 210,000 sows with Porcitec

The Pipestone System is one of the largest pork production companies in the US. Learn why this company turned to Porcitec to replace its former software.

Sows: 210,000
Country: US

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Collecting data with Automated Forms Processing

Learn how Carthage System, one of the largest pork production companies in the US, reduced costs by integrating Porcitec with Automated Forms Processing (OCR).

Sows: 140,000
Country: US

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Keeping farm autonomy

Agropecuaria Guissona is the first Spanish food company in turnover. It was created as a cooperative in 1959 and currently provides employment for 4000 workers.
Due to the heterogeneity of the farms, it is necessary to maintain their autonomy but at the same time to track all farms from the central office.

Sows: 52,000
Country: Spain

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Improving efficiency in data management and decision making

Learn how PROAN, one of the largest full-cycle swine farms in Mexico, upgraded its former software to comply with new challenges as well as reduce its total cost of ownership.

Sows: 87,000
Country: Mexico

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Integrating company systems through open database

Global Pig Farms, Inc. (GPF), the second largest pork producer in Japan, manages the entire process, from production to distribution in an integrated manner.

Sows: 32,500
Country: Japan

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Easy and fast data collection

Dramatically increase efficiency using a mobile device at the barn level. Collect data, interpret it, and make actionable decisions on the spot.

  • Bar codes, QR codes, Electronic Identification, scales.
  • Work offline. Internet or Wifi are only required for syncing.
  • Customize the event forms, add new fields, and even create your own custom events.
  • Onsite data validation using custom rules.

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Agritec has given us the best technical support that we could ask for. They have helped us modify reports, as well as design custom reports for us. It is always timely and accurate. We really like the fact that we can design reports in one location and send the report file to someone in another location and have the report already defined.

Lois Fransen, Pipestone System, Information Bureau Director

Analyze your data like never before

  • Run a powerful desktop app from the Cloud, or if you prefer, install it on your premises. Farms can be autonomous.
  • Run over 130 standard reports to monitor herd performance and productivity.
  • Create sophisticated new reports with the report designer included with Porcitec.
  • Add new formulas, change font sizes, add columns, and insert bar or QR codes. Create your own customized set of reports.
  • Includes data mining and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

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Track all your farms in one place

Explore and understand the data generated by all your farms in one place. Detect trends and make informed decisions quickly.

  • Multifarm: Compare and consolidate farms. Analyze by region, health level, origin and production type.
  • Access any farm from a Web browser, even databases on your own premises.
  • Custom Dashboards, benchmarking, farm reporting.
  • Direct access for your advisors and vets, each with their own access rights.
  • Automatic emailing of reports.

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Porcitec allows us to see and understand farm data: We can detect trends, analyze problems or discover correlations between animals, farms, or groups of farms.

Antoni Bellart Canel, Information Bureau Director, Agropecuaria de Guissona