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What is Ovitec

Ovitec is a sheep and goat management software that will help you optimize the performance of your farm and increase your productivity.

  • Decision-making tools with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting.
  • Breeding, semen, males, individual records, growing, feed management, financial, medical, ...
  • Available for Web, Desktop, and Mobile platforms. All working in sync.
  • Store your databases on your premises or in the Cloud.
But that's just scratching the surface. Here's what else Ovitec is...

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Easy and fast data collection

Dramatically increase efficiency using a mobile device at the barn level. Collect data, interpret it, and make actionable decisions on the spot.

  • Bar codes, QR codes, Electronic Identification, scales.
  • Work offline. Internet or Wifi are only required for syncing.
  • Customize the event forms, add new fields, and even create your own custom events.
  • Onsite data validation using custom rules.

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Analyze your data like never before

  • Run a powerful desktop app from the Cloud, or if you prefer, install it on your premises. Farms can be autonomous.
  • Run over 130 standard reports to monitor herd performance and productivity.
  • Create sophisticated new reports with the report designer included with Ovitec.
  • Add new formulas, change font sizes, add columns, and insert bar or QR codes. Create your own customized set of reports.
  • Includes data mining and Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

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Track all your farms in one place

Explore and understand the data generated by all your farms in one place. Detect trends and make informed decisions quickly.

  • Multifarm: Compare and consolidate farms. Analyze by region, health level, origin and production type.
  • Access any farm from a Web browser, even databases on your own premises.
  • Custom Dashboards, benchmarking, farm reporting.
  • Direct access for your advisors and vets, each with their own access rights.
  • Automatic emailing of reports.

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