All the power of a native app

Ovitec Desktop is a Windows based application that gives you all the power you need. Design new reports, change hundreds of events in one step, or enter data in an incredibly optimized way. Ovitec Desktop can work in a single PC, or as client/server in a local area network providing access to unlimited users, or by using Remote Desktop Connection (*) if you want to access from Internet.

(*)You can access from Internet using Windows, Mac or Linux but Windows Server is required in the server


Run reports across multiple farms, compare farms or consolidate them by farm type, region, or other criteria.


Drill-down from global company numbers to event details in a few seconds.

Fast data entry

Using the keyboard, this system is designed to enter the data as fast as possible. Mouse is not necessary. All event fields accept keystrokes. Drop-down boxes use character aliases. Data is saved immediately without having to click a "save" button.
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Batch event entry

Electronic data sheet that works similar to a spreadsheet. Data is entered in batch form, by filling entire columns with data using the click of a button. Entering 100 replacement females into the database can be completed in minutes with a few clicks, instead of an hour or more of tedious keystrokes.
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Powerful report designer

The report designer included with Ovitec allows you to create virtually any new report. It works in a similar way to Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports. Create your own female history card design, add new formulas, change font sizes , add columns, and even insert bar codes.
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Save report parameters

You can easily create multiple versions of the same report by saving a variety of report parameter combinations. This saves time if you expect to use the same report parameters again. For example, filter the female list report by parity 1, order by location, then save it. Now you can run the new version of the report with just one click.
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Everything you need to run your farm is here: Breeding, semen, males, individual records, growing, feed management, financial, medical, ...

Note: Availability of some features will depend on the licensed edition.


Get the big picture of your farm's productivity at a glance from the dashboard.

Breeding Females

Record history, routine management and monitoring.

Males and Semen

Male and semen performance. Semen collection records. Record history.

Individual Records

Record events for each animal from the birth to sale or replacement.

Growing Management

Animal movements, feed usage, and growth performance.

Mobile Device Integration

Supports RFID (Electronic Identification) and Bar Code Reader.


Electronic Feed Supply integration.

Feed Management

Rations, ingredients, nutrients. Ration formulation.

Financial Management

Income, expenses, sales, account charts, summaries.

Task Planning Reports

Dates of services, heat and pregnancy checks, births.

Analysis Reports

Herd performance reports by period, parity, genetics, etc.

Medical Records

Complete track of treatment reports.

Modify Data Block

Modify a block of records of any field in an event. All records in the grid that match the filter pattern will be modified. Useful for fixing data entry errors.

Animal Transfer

Easily move animals among your farms. Export animal histories to a file and then import them into another database.

User Fields

Customize your animal records by defining additional User Fields.

User Events

Expand the type of events adding your custom events.

Multiple Farm Comparison

Run reports across multiple farms, compare farms or consolidate them by farm type, region, or other criteria.

Bookkeeping Integration

Importation from external data sources (Integration with external bookkeeping software, import from MS Excel, ...)