Everything you need to run your farm is here

Vaquitec puts a set of tools at your fingertips that help you in the decision process and to identify and correct problems, improving productivity. Designed for both small farms and large production systems.


Store your databases where you want

Stay in control. Some software providers make you choose between Desktop applications or Web applications. Not Vaquitec. With the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market, farms can remain autonomous running the desktop edition and storing the databases in your premises, and at the same time you can use the Web to share the data and reports. All working in sync.


Easy onboarding, fast adoption

Migrate your current database in a few hours in most cases and start to work with Vaquitec. For custom databases, if you can export to Excel, Vaquitec can import any data. Vaquitec is user-friendly and requires no specialized computer knowledge. You can start using the core features and gradually use more complex tools such as report designers or data mining.


Create your own report designs

If you have used other applications, you probably know how frustrating it is to create a completely customized or advanced report. Most reports can be easily configured by choosing from many breakdowns, filters, and sorts. In addition, Vaquitec incorporates a complete and powerful Report Designer with which you can create virtually any type of report. Vaquitec uses relational database structure which allows for true data mining.


Highly customizable

Define validation rules, build your event forms, create your web dashboards, use custom math expressions for new variables, integrate your ERP or other systems using REST or command line options.


We appreciate your feedback!

We are continuously adding new features based on customer feedback. Our customers have helped to make Vaquitec the best swine software in the world, so keep asking for new features!

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Can you...

  • Create your own female card. Add or remove formulas, modify data input boxes, add bar or QR codes, change fonts sizes.
  • Create custom math expressions in herd performance reports.
  • Enter data quickly and easily with our popular Fast Entry form, Batch entry, import from spreadsheets, or electronic scanning.
  • Host the app and databases in your own premises and share reports using a web browser or mobile app from anywhere.
  • Modify a large block of events that were mistakenly entered.
  • Add new user events or fields and propagate the changes to the mobile app and web reports.
  • Work with our mobile app in your smartphone, or in a desktop PC, without Internet.
  • Know anything, by creating your own custom reports from the database.
  • Automate tasks like reporting, EFS or importing data from the command line.